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Imagine looking for polar bears on top of the world in the Arctic or exploring the Amazon rain forest for nocturnal creatures. Or perhaps you would rather browse French Polynesian markets or explore the Australian Outback. Itineraries on expedition cruises are designed to give passengers an authentic look at their region of choice, from wildlife to cultural history.

Antarctic travelers are treated to stunning glaciers, rugged peaks and great whale-watching and seal-spotting opportunities. When you're not looking for marine mammals, visit a research station used by scientists from around the world.

On the opposite end of the world, the Arctic offers passengers a look at another sought-after creature: the polar bear. Keep your eyes peeled for the beast while touring Norway's Svalbard archipelago, where guests can take the “polar plunge” in the Arctic Sea, learn about life in its coal-mining towns and whaling stations at the Svalbard Museum and get up-close with Monaco Glacier.

Another warm-weather escape -- the Galapagos Islands -- introduces passengers to unique animals like giant tortoises, fur seals, land and marine iguanas, frigate birds, blue-footed boobies and albatrosses. On San Salvador, you can hike over lava tubes and tuff cones to a terrific view of Pinnacle Rock, where sea lions and penguins dwell. Or head to the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn more about the Galapagos' environment and creatures.

On an expedition cruise along the Amazon River, vacationers can get a lesson in the medicinal plants of the jungle, board a handcrafted canoe to spot some of the roughly 1,300 species of birds or ride the cable car to the peak of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Brazil.

There is almost no limit to the things you can do on an expedition cruise.

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